Monteagle Elementary School Mission Statement 2022-2023

Our Mission

The mission of Monteagle Elementary School is to submerge all students in rigorous grade-level instruction. Students will be equipped with the foundational literacy and math skills necessary to meet the challenges and demands of being an effective leader in an ever-changing world.

District Vision

The vision of Marion County Schools is to prepare students to meet the challenges and demands of their futures. Marion County Schools is a district filled with students who are leaders both in their school and local communities. Students crave challenges and are capable of meeting rigorous demands. We believe all students deserve access to quality instruction and support students in accessing grade-level work.


  • Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs while being held to high expectations.
  • We continually improve our educational program to enable our students to become responsible, confident, lifelong learners.
  • A student's self-esteem and citizenship will be enhanced by respectful relationships among students, community, and staff.
  • We provide a welcoming atmosphere that promotes family and community engagement.
  • We provide an environment that encourages productive struggle as an important part of the learning process.


  • Students are provided with a variety of instructional approaches to support their learning styles.
  • We include families and our community in accomplishing our goals and mission.
  • Staff will stay certified in both safety measures and up to date with new instructional strategies.
  • We provide opportunities for students to explore career options so they see the connection between the classroom and the real world.

Guiding Principles and Practices

  • Student learning is always our priority.
  • Expect students to excel and perform at their maximum potential.
  • Always welcome and appreciate our community support while providing multiple opportunities for involvement.


  • Increase overall Math from 30% to 34%
  • 3rd from 9% to 14%
  • 4th from 32% to 35%
  • 5th from 13% to 18%
  • 6th from 15% to 18%
  • 8th from 19% to 24%
  • Increase English Language Arts from 35% to 38%
  • 3rd from 23% to 26%
  • 6th from 22% to 25%
  • 7th from 35% to 38%
  • Increase Students w/ Disabilities ELA to 6%, Math to 6%, Science to 12%, & Social Studies to 38%
  • Decrease Chronic Absenteeism for students from 16.1% to 11.1%